Environmental and Industrial Solutions Co. was established in 2011 to provide halon recovery, and reclaim throughout Saudi Arabia, the Middle east, North Africa and Asia. The EIS facility was set up and designed to process Halons to the highest specification for use within military and aviation. This resulted in EIS being the only company able to offer this specific service in the region. After the Halon reclaim and trade business was established EIS then went on to expand and started to trade in refrigerant gases as well. The Halon and refrigerant markets go hand in hand as both can be classed as refrigerants and/or firefighting agents. EIS then created the ‘Pancool’ brand name to trade under. With the new brand name, EIS then began to distribute their whole range of refringent products, including HCFCs and HFCs, all of which meeting or exceed AHRI-700. Once the refrigerant trade business was well established the most recent addition to EIS was added. The refringent reclaim center, this is where old used refrigerants can be reclaimed to AHRI-700 specifications. Therefore, making them safe to use in equipment. EIS was the first in the region to offer this service and is still to only company within Saudi Arabia that offers this service.

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