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EIS is currently the only firefighting and refrigerant reclaim center within Saudi Arabia. EIS offers reclaim of firefighting products such as Halons 1211/1301 and other firefighting products such as Fm-200. These products can be reclaimed back to the highest specification, such as ASTM type 2 for Halon 1301. As currently the production of Halons is banned under the Montreal Protocol, the only way to obtain Halon firefighting gases for critical users, is to go through a certified reclaim center. Where old gases are recovered, and reclaimed back to a specified standard. When this is done a full laboratory, analysis should be done to ensure that the product is within the required parameters. Besides Halons EIS also reclaims refrigerant gases, this is done to reduce cost to clients as it is far more cost effective to reclaim old refrigerant gases than to purchase new product. Also in the case of certain products that are illegal to import to only option is to reclaim old products for future use. When any refrigerant is reclaimed it is tested in the onsite laboratory to ensure it meets AHRI-700 before it is offer for resale.

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